How to become a millionaire if you are a Middle Child and likes maths

1. Be interested in mathematics.

2. Be interested in making and saving money.

3. As a child, go door-to-door and sell stuff, like chewing-gum, soft-drinks or magazines.

4. Work in a grocery store.

5. While still in high-school, make some money by selling, for example, newspapers, golf-balls, stamps and detailing cars.

6.  As a 14 year old girl or a boy, invest in a bycycle and a watch. Time is important.

7. Invest in an amusement object, like for example a pinball machine and place it in the barber shop. Invest in more machines and earn money.

8. Visit the Stock Exchange where you live. Be interested in stock exchange. Buy some shares for you and for your siblings.

9. Invest in a business and buy a farm, while still in high-school.

10. By the time you finish collage you must have accumulated more than $90 000 from your investements.

11. Enroll a Business School and get a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

12. Continue studying and get a Master of Science in Economics.

13. Work as an investment salesman and after that as a securities analyst.

14. Become a chairman of the same company.

15. In the twenties you must have saved appr. $120, 000 by that time.

16. Work as a Stock-broker.

17. Take a pubic speaking course and teach at a University on How to invest.

18. Try to purchase some investments, but know that they can fail too, so have a margin and don't invest everything on these objects. Try to get a feeling instead and experience of good and bad investments.

19. Marry and have children.

20. Accept a job with $105,000 a year. Work there for four years.

21. Close the partnership and start your own investment partnership. At this point you will have saved up to $1,2 million.

22.. Make more partnerships, up to eleven.

23. Invest in a textile manufacturing firm.

24. Buy and sell private businesses.

25. Acquire some sort of stock of a company and become a member of the board of directors.

26. Invest in a Newspaper company.

27. Purchase a media giant.

28. Begin selling Class A shares.

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