8 steps on how to become a Muslim millionaire

Let's start with a goal you CAN achieve easily by following a few guidelines:

1. Earn Income. Choose a University and job-area wisely and pay it with money that you have earnt, not with lended money with interest. The better your Collage Degree is, the better job you can have. The most profitable jobs are in the money area or as a Doctor. The best thing you can do, is to have two or more jobs at the same time. A Warning! Don't earn money from things that are haram. For example, don't work at a bank with interest, don't work with alcohol in a restaurant or a bar, don't become a prostitute to afford your collage degree, don't take off your clothes so that you will have a job as an actress, model or at an office, especially for the girls but also for the boys. It will ruin your reputation and it will lead no-where, only temporarily.

2. Get married. Choose a woman or a man who is volontarily poor for a couple of years. Marriage costs money, so plan that wisely and don't spend too much on the marriage, It is half of your religion to marry early in life. That doesn't mean that you have to have children right away. That could wait. Try to be nice to your parents so that they want to accept that you live with them for a while (years), because if you really want to earn money, then you must not spend any on your family, food or rent. Yet. You could spend the money on other things and make an investment but that is something else because this will generate money for you instead; For example you must help in charity, the poor, your parents and your wife or husband if they are in need, but don't overdo it. You must not give them a car, clothes or furnitures, but you should instead help them with food if you see that they are hungry, a house if they don't have any work that pay off their bills and electricity and water, so that they can stay clean and healthy, and of course also their hospital bills. The best thing to do, is to invest in your parents good health, that will help you later on in life.

3. Change your habits, set a goal and live within your means. You must know that if you want to achieve the goal to become a millionaire, then you can't go out on restaurants, shop everyday, buy books, lend a car, or worse, buy a car. You have to become poor for a while (years), even after you have finished your studies at the University and now earn a lot of money. If you are a Muslim, it is eas to be poor for a while. Fast as much as you can. Two times a week. This will not only decrease your outcome, it also have health-benefits. As a Muslim you don't eat too much either, it is not recommended, you don't drink expensive alcohol, you don't go out an party. All of that is haram. You don't spend any money on vacation or friends, because you don't have time for them, as you are working all the time, but you MUST spend time with your Creator, because it is HE who will give you all your money that you want to have.

4. Pray more. Every penny that you earn is from your Creator. The more you want to have money, the more you have to pray for it. But a warning. Sometimes, when you really want something, Allah will instead sacrifice something else, for example, if you want to be alone with your wife more, perhaps your parents that you live with, die, or you will lose your job. If you want to have money, then you will perhaps lose your religion, or your spouse. So pray wisely.

5. Invest time in your religion. Islam have everything you need to have success in life and in the hereafter. You can be wealthy if you have patience and it is good to be a wealthy Muslim. It is better to be a wealthy Muslim than a poor Muslim, because a good wealthy Muslim can do much good, but a poor only have his or her intentions to do good.

6. Don't take interest and don't give interest. Interest, or Ribah, is haram. Interest is a bad thing. You can be wealthy very quickly and stay wealthy, but in the next life, you will have problems, so chose wisely. Instead, invest your saved money on a portfolio and learn how to manage your portfolio. Invest your money on things that the Qur'an says are good things, like horses, gold, silver, pearls, etc.

7. Invest in a house, land or forests. The only thing that never goes down on the market are these things. But you have to be careful not to buy it with ribah, as mentioned above.

8. Have patience, because patience will be rewarded. Sometimes it takes a couple of years, sometimes 10 years. For certain people it will take 30 years, but the joy are much more. So stay patient and be sure that Allah has made this goal of yours a test for you.

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