13 Steps on how to become a Millionaire as a Middle Child

1. Take interest in computers at an early age, learn more and explore the computer you have. Learn everything you  are able to learn about computers and try to improve what you know.

2.. Forme a venture with a good friend who is also interested in computers.

3. Take interests in politics and be engaged, somehow, perhaps as a representative, to get more influence and knowledge.

4. Graduate from school.

5. Enroll the Harvard College or another University.

6. Devise an algorithm as a solution to an unsolved problem.

7. Get some publicity in a published paper.

8. Spend a lot of time using the computer and also different kind of computers and learn everything. Again,  try to improve it.

9. Start your own software computer company, but talk the decision over with your parents so that they'll support you. Show how much you want to start the computer company.

10. Co-operate with some other company of software computers to gain more insights, but then, again, be independent.

11. Invest in new ideas that you have.

12. Marry and have children

13. Write a book or two with the help of a co-worker and a journalist on your field of interests.

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